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A patient with malignant schwannoma reg. malleoli l.dx., HV pleomorphic sarcoma G3, metastasis to the pleura and the lung. Hospitalised due to progressive fluidothorax on the right. Pleural puncture performed repeatedly but only 200 ml collected.


The ultrasound examination found a septated fluidothorax on the right, plus a more central tumour with pulmonary atelectasis. Cytology effusion with positive malignant cells – strongly suspected metastasis in mesenchymal tumour.





ChW - Chest Wall
Se - Septa
He - Heart
F - Fluidothorax
TU+At - tumour with atelectasis


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X-ray and CT documentation used - Department of Imaging Methods, Tomas Bata Regional Hospital, JSC, Zlín.
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