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A patient who has had a pleural puncture of the fluidothorax on the right, after which a partial pneumothorax formed.


The ultrasound in in 2D image - displays on both edges of the top of the ribs (R)  acoustic shadowing („bat sign“), and a pleural line (PL) with „lung sliding“ when breathing. The point between normal „lung sliding“ and its absence is called the „lung point“ (specific sign of a pneumothorax).

In M-mode we can see the „seashore sign“ – („sand on the shore“), that changes into a „stratosphere sign“ – (horizontal lines above each other) when breathing.




ChW - Chest Wall
R - Rib
LP - „lung point“ - the point between normal „lung sliding“ and its absence
LS - lung sliding - the movement of the visceral pleura after the parietal
PL - Pleural line
SSS - seashore sign
StS - stratosphere sign



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