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A patient with generalized renal cancer, metastasis in the lungs, pleura, and malignant progressing effusion on the right. She was sent to have the effusion removed, which was performed by thoracic drainage. The effusion was removed, but later the drain became broken and dislocated, so it was taken out. The patient was sent for application of intrapleural bleomycin.


The ultrasound examination showed relatively large fluidothorax, which was removed. After removal only small residual effusion is left, into which Bleomycin is injected under ultrasound guidance. The video shows leakage into the pleural cavity (arrow).  In the video we see irregular oval hypoechoic structures on the pleura - pleural metastases.



Li - Liver


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X-ray and CT documentation used - Department of Imaging Methods, Tomas Bata Regional Hospital, JSC, Zlín.
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